“To think is to be involved in life to the brink of one’s identity; it represents the biggest challenge a person can undertake and is an expression of the strongest vitality.” 

Cornelis Verhoeven (1928 – 2001) was a Dutch philosopher and writer. He studied classics, philosophy and theology at the University of Nijmegen and promoted on the thesis “Symbolism of the foot”. After 27 years of teaching Latin and Greek, he became a professor of philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. He published more than 80 books. He has written original work on wonder, violence, religion, contemplation and language, and interpretations and translations of classical and modern philosophers such as Heraclitus, Plato, Geulincx, Leibniz and Heidegger. His work has been translated in English, German and Italian, and has been awarded the Anne Frank prize and the P.C. Hooft prize. Many have called him the most original Dutch thinker of the 20th century; he described himself as “world-shocking on a square centimeter.” His legacy is a bibliography that consists of more than 3700 titles, and two children, Neeltje (1973) and Daan (1974).


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  1. Jacques De Visscher

    Beste Daan Verhoeven,
    In december verscheen mijn boek “Toewijding. Voorbij autonomie en zelfbeschikking – Hommage aan Cornelis Verhoeven” bij de Valkhof Pers te Nijmegen (www.valkhofpers.nl). Ik neem aan dat je bij de uitgeverij vanuit jouw wordpress een recensie-exemplaar kan krijgen.
    Met een hartelijke groet van Jacques De Visscher

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