25 propositions on violence

1. “Violence is the problem to the solution it pretends to be.” (Friedrich Hacker)

2. The way violence is discussed, reflects its character.

3. It is in the nature of violence to create a language that ignores logic the same way it itself ignores reality.

4. The glorification of violence is part of it.

5. A means is characterized by the predictability of its consequences before its use. Using means presupposes control of the situation. Only in retrospect can the consequences of violence be measured. It is not programmable and therefore not a means.

6. If violence is not a means, it cannot be called ‘the only means’ or ‘the ultimate means’.

7. The distinction between a ‘surpressing’ and a ‘liberating’ form of violence is related to violence as a means and is thus without meaning because violence is not a means.

8. If the use of means is called ‘activity’, violence cannot be called an activity any more than it can be used: it is endured, also by the one practicing it.

9. Inasfar as violence is an action, it ought to be called more an ‘action of expression’ than an ‘action to a goal’.

10. Violence is not an expression of dominance, but of impotence.

11. Violence happens to a person in equal proportion to the measure he thinks he uses it.

12. Nonviolence is not a lack of means, and also not solely passivity, but the use of the restricted means that the situation offers.

13. If violence is not a means, there is no point in talking about it ethically and does the whole ethics about violence consist of determining that it is not a means.

14. Theologists who bless violence overestimate their power. Violence withdraws itself from blessing and rejection.

15. A theological blessing of violence is comparable to saying that in case of emergency gasoline can be used to extinguish a fire.

16. As controlling means technique is nonviolence.

17. Inasfar as agression makes use of technique, its intend is to not become a victim of its own violence.

18. A gun is an instrument to remain out of the line of fire.

19. Technique ends the moment when violence begins.

20. The explosion of a bomb does not have a technical character as its effects are not calcuable or justifiable.

21. In the culture of violence an instantly visible result, no matter of which nature, is preferred to the respite of a desired result.

22. Technique is reasonable and a means by the respite of the result; violence is unreasonable by the rejection of every respite.

23. Violence shows its absurdity in this, that it itself sacrifices and obliterates the goal, for which it employed itself.

24. Violence is the denial of every passivity.

25. What by repitition appears to be the effect of an action, must, after a while, also be considered as its goal.



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2 responses to “25 propositions on violence

  1. Violence exposes a deficit in emotional intelligence, which in action seems to annihilate any hope of such means…. But repetitious commencements from apocalyptic clearings seems to be our entertainment. So perhaps Hope remains – if even as ephemeral vapor…

    I do so wish I could have met your father. Bravo for keeping his work alive.

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