Cornelis Verhoeven on Religion

From a 1985 Dutch TV show



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2 responses to “Cornelis Verhoeven on Religion

  1. Just some points that stood out for me

    And in that regard.!! ( very important that he have mentioned those words bedore
    the rest of the sentence)

    Too bad I can’t hear the clergyman’s opinion afterwards

    “That can also just be modesty” is said by another person not Verhoeven
    ( they do not show the face of that person in the clip

    When I do something/complete something, I do think there are many other factors involved for it to “succeed”(who is to judge what succeeding is?!)
    than just my efforts and thoughts. Could be a sudden storm when I am doing something outside or another persons interruptions.
    I can still be proud of what is created .
    I believe the lady in the clip does not understand maybe?

    Have a great day everyone! Great idea Daan! Thinking of my family today.

    • I am in Wonder when my cake turns out just fine, without having measured all
      ingredients and I am in Wonder when my plants grow and actually bloom!
      I did not do that by myself necessarily.

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